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What is this?

This is a FREE ENTRY GIVEAWAY1 OF 1 Limited Edition 3D printed model set includes:
SPACESHIP-S3: 1:96 scale spaceship model designed loosely based on Prototype Ship SN25!
BOOSTER-S3: 1:96 scale model designed loosely based on Prototype Booster B9!
OLM-S3: 1:96 scale model designed loosely based on the Orbital Launch Mount (OLM)

What makes these models different from the standard ones?
These special edition Ship SN25/Booster B9/OLM-S3 models were printed mostly in metallic gold filament on an Bambu lab X1 Carbon printer. A combination of metallic gold, black, silver, and dark green colour profile give the entire set an absolutely stunning look and makes it stand out.  

How do I sign up to win this model set?

Entry to win this Free Entry Giveaway model set is officially CLOSED! Please watch our Winner Announcement video below! 

Terms & Conditions
By entering this giveaway you agree that if you won, you will only use our models for personal purpose. Beside personal use, you must not resell it for commercial gain or use for any other purposes without the express written consent of MORETHAN3D LTD.

The winner must cover the shipping cost for us to ship the model to you via DHL. To find out how much shipping cost would likely to be, go to: DHL Website, and enter the information below:
– From: United Kingdom | To: Your country
– Number of parcels: 1
– Weight: 5kg | Length: 51 cm | Height: 31cm | Width: 31cm

Please note: Morethan3D Ltd does NOT have any business relationship or association with Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (referred to as SpaceX). Although our space models may reassemble SpaceX’s hardware designs, our models are designed with visual cues from publicly available material from the internet (e.g. photos, videos), combined with our own imagination and tweaks. Therefore, Morethan3D models are not accurate replicas of SpaceX’s products. Our models are not affiliated, associated, authorised, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with SpaceX.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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