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What is this?

This is a 3D printed Jet Engine Model – Small Size – with Nacelle (JET-SN)

A jet engine is a magnificent machine that burns energy-rich liquid fuel and releases hot exhaust gas to generate an extremely powerful pushing force called thrust. The thrust pushes a plane forward and take you to your desired destinations across the globe.

Upgraded from the JET-S2, this model includes a fully detachable Nacelle including an Intake, Fan Cowl, Thrust Reverser, and Exhaust System. In addition, it also features a stable, slick-looking stand which not only allows the engine to be rotated 360 degrees around the y-axis, but also fully detachable if needed.

Nacelle is a housing, separate from the fuselage, that holds the engines, fuel, or equipment on an aircraft. This model features all the Nacelle Major Units: Air Intake, Fan Cowl, Thrust Reverser, and Exhaust System – all held together using strong magnets and completely detachable from the bare engine. Hence, this model can be easily into the JET-S2 model in just seconds! In addition, the thrust reversers can actually slide back and forth, revealing the cascades underneath.