How to Print & Assemble The SPACESHIP-XS3 Smoke Plume

How to print the SPACESHIP-XS3 Smoke Plume

If you want to save this How-To instruction as a pdf file (and print it out later if needed), simply copy the URL of this page and paste it to . Printfriendly will generate a printer-friendly pdf of the page with all the texts and images for you.

The STL package of this model includes an “All-In-One” Print Profile created for Bambu Lab X1 and P1 Series 3D printers. If you intend to use any of those printers to print the model, follow this instruction to print all parts: How to use Bambu Studio’s All-In-One Print Profile

If you don’t have access to any Bambu Lab X1 and P1 Series 3D printers. All of the STL files are really straight forward to print. All you need to do is load them into your slicer software (e.g. Cura), select your desirable settings (e.g. layer height, infill percentage, etc.) and slice the parts. I used 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height to print this model

Please note: I already saved the STL for each part in the orientation I printed them on my FDM printer. Hence, when you load the STL in your slicer software, you don’t need to orientate them again, unless you want to try to print them in a different orientation.

Below are some tips

  • All magnet holes can be printed without support regardless of their positions/orientations on the model. Please don’t generate support for these holes (unless you really need to). Otherwise, you may struggle to remove support inside the holes due to restricted access. The easiest way to stop Cura from generating support inside these magnet holes is to use support blocker to cover the holes.

  • Most FDM printers can print this model without support.
    However, if your printer isn’t quite good at bridging and you wish to use support – use “Tree” support rather than normal support.

  • I highly recommend you to print this model with no more than 2 walls and 10% infill. The less wall and infill you can print this model with, the better as it will allow more light from the LED to come through.

  • This model is designed at 1:200 scale and I highly recommend you to print at this scale to achieve the highest quality. However, if you decided to print it at a different scale, please be aware that the magnets I selected for this model will no longer fit.

How to assemble this model?

So now you’ve got all your parts printed? Great! Let’s assemble the model. I’ll take you through the assembly process step by step but before that, you need to purchase some items:

  • 5mm dia x 3mm thick N42 Neodymium magnets (LINK) | Qty: 3-off
  • LED Light (LINK) | Qty: 1-off (The model was designed specifically to fit this LED Light (60mm Dia x 25mm Thick). You can use any other LED light as long as it fits
  • AAA Batteries | Qty: 3-off (Only required if you use the LED Light above)
  • Super glue (LINK) | Qty: 1 bottle

STEP 1: Assemble the Spaceship Smoke Plume

Parts required (refer to the photos below)

  • 1x Spaceship Smoke Plume_XS3
  • 3x Magnets (5mm dia x 3mm thick) (highlighted in RED)
  • 1x LED Light

Assembly process

  1. STEP 1a: Glue 3x (5mm dia x 3mm thick) magnets into their locations on the top face of the Spaceship Smoke Plume. Please note that the magnets should protrude 1mm above the top face of the Smoke Plume
  2. STEP 1b: Install the SPACESHIP-XS3 on top of the Smoke Plume.

If you have the LED Light, install it to the bottom of the Smoke Plume

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