Unboxing the DRAGON-MS

How to safely unbox this model

Thank you for purchasing the DRAGON-MS model from us! Below are some simple instructions to guide you through unboxing the DRAGON-MS and get your model 100% ready!

STEP 1: Open the box

Use a knife to open the cardboard box – be careful, don’t cut yourself or the model. Once you’ve opened it, you’ll find a certificate right on the top with some basic information about the model on one side and a bit of a story why I made this model on the other side.

You’ll also find these three main sub-assemblies in the box:

  • 1x Pressurised Crew Section
  • 1x Trunk
  • 1x Model Stand

Carefully remove the bubble wrap from the above items and place them on your desk

STEP 2: Retrieve other items from the Secret Compartment

There are a few more parts that you need to retrieve from the Secret Compartment, hidden inside the Trunk. To do this, use the Heat Shield from the Pressurised Crew Section.

You’ll notice there are four magnets located at the bottom of the Heat Shield, there are also four magnets hidden inside the bottom of the Secret Compartment, which you can’t see until you get access to this part. What you’ll need to do is:

  1. Carefully place the bottom of the Heat Shield against the bottom of the Trunk
  2. Slowly spin the Heat Shield until you feel the magnets on both parts are fully aligned
  3. Hold the Trunk firmly with one hand and pull the Pressurised Crew Section in the opposite direction using the other hand
  4. The Secret Compartment should now come out with the Heat Shield

What you’ll find in the Secret Compartment is:

  • 1x Soft Capture System
  • 1x Latch
  • 2x Astronauts. These are not painted because I want you to have a go with painting the astronauts yourself

Now the Secret Compartment is empty, you can re-fit it into the Trunk. Ensure that the magnets inside the Trunk are aligned with those on the chamfer of the Secret Compartment – so the Trunk will be in its ‘lock’ position.

If you ever need to open it again to put your stuff inside, follow the exact same steps above.

STEP 3: Assemble Pressurise Crew Section

The Pressurised Crew Section is almost fully assembled, you just need to follow these simple steps below to 100% finish it:

  1. Remove the tape that secures the Nose Cone to the Body Panel
  2. Open the Nose Cone and remove the ‘Ceiling’ by pulling it upwards
  3. Hold the bottom of the Heat Shield firmly with one hand and use the other hand to carefully detach the Body Panel from the Heat Shield; these two parts are held together by four strong Neodymium magnets. Best technique I recommend here is: hold the Body Panel with your thumb on one side and other four fingers on the other side, and pull the Body Panel away from the Heat Shield
  4. Remove the tape that secures the four seats to the ‘Floor’, you should now be able to spin the seats around the x-axis and move them up/down
  5. Detach the Entry Hatch from the Body Panel by pushing it from the inside
  6. Re-attach the Body Panel to the Heat Shield
  7. Re-attach the ‘Ceiling’
  8. Slide the Soft Capture System into the Hard Capture System located on the ‘Ceiling’

STEP 4: Complete the model

The Pressurised Crew Section is now fully assembled, let’s complete the whole Crew Dragon Spacecraft model:

  1. Place the Pressurised Crew Section on the Trunk, ensure that the four magnets located on the bottom of the Heat Shield are aligned with that on the top of the Trunk. The front of the Pressurised Crew Section, where the Entry Hatch is, should be aligned with the White side of the Trunk. This is where the radiators are installed, the Black side of the Trunk represents the Solar Panels
  2. Place the Entry Hatch onto the Body Panel. This item is held in position by four magnets, two on the part itself and two located on the inside of the Body Panel just above the Entry Hatch
  3. Use a tiny amount of super glue to glue the Latch to the Trunk; use the positioning feature on the Latch to perfectly align it to the Trunk. DO NOT glue the Latch to any parts of the Pressurised Crew Section
  4. Finally, if you want to place the model horizontally, use the Model Stand

And that’s all done! Congratulations!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via sales@morethan3d.com

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