Starship - Model 2 (Upgrade Package 02)

What’s New?

The Starship-M1 was originally designed based on the Starship SN8 & SN9. 
If you want to upgrade your Starship to the latest SN11, this upgrade package is for you and it’s completely FREE of charge (STLs)!

STL files: Free
3D printed parts: £10 (exclude shipping)  

If you have already purchased STLs of the Starship-M1, simply drop us an email to with some proof of purchase of the Starship-M1’s STLs (e.g. email, receipt, etc.) and we’ll send you the link to download this upgrade package.

If you have already purchased a 3D printed Starship-M1 model from us, please contact us via and we will arrange payments for you.

If you are about to purchase a new 3D printed Starship-M1 model or STLs from us, this upgrade will be included free of charge.

How to print the files for this upgrade?

All the STL files in this upgrade package are really straight forward to print. All you need to do is load them into your slicer software (I use Cura), select your desirable settings (e.g. layer height, infill percentage, etc.) and slice the parts. I used 0.25mm nozzle (0.1mm layer height to print these parts 
Please note: I already saved the STL for each part in the orientation I printed them on my FDM printer. Hence, when you load the STL in your slicer software, you don’t need to orientate them again, unless you want to try to print them in a different orientation.

Also, I use Raft to ensure these Heat Shield Tiles stick well to the build plate

How to install this new upgrade?

So now you’ve got all your new parts printed? – great!, let’s upgrade your Starship model!.
You need to purchase some double-sided duct tap for this upgrade

STEP 1: Install new Heat Shield Tiles on the model
Part required (refer to the photos below):
1x Heat Shield Assembly_SN11_1 (a)
3x Heat Shield Assembly_SN11_2 (b)
1x Heat Shield Assembly_SN11_3 (c)

Assembly process:
– Remove the original Heat Shield Tiles on your model
– Stick some double-sided duct tap to the back of each new Heat Shield Tiles 
– Apply the new Heat Shield Tiles on the model as per pictures below

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below:

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