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From Dream to Reality 

I remember when I was a young kid, I used to look at the Sky on a clear night, counted the stars and wondered: “What’s out there?”
I believe many of us dreamt of becoming astronauts, or being part of space exploration when we were little, and then started to realise that it was nothing but a fantasy when we grew up.

But everything has changed!

Thank to Elon Musk and SpaceX, I am living my childhood dream, again!
I’m following SpaceX’s Starship program with joy and excitement, and I’m sure you are, too!
So I’ve decided to do something a bit crazy and hopefully, share my passion in space exploration to as many children (and adults) as possible by making a MASSIVE 1/12 scale model of the SpaceX’s Starship. Why did I say ‘MASSIVE’? Because it’ll be over 4 meters tall and it’ll probably be the largest 3D printed Starship spacecraft model you’ll ever see!

Since this is such a unique project, I want to share every steps, every successes as well as mistakes that I make along the way. I hope you’ll live and breathe this project with me, and see it through to the end, together. Once completed, I’ll publish the STL files so you can also make your own starship (at both 1/48 and 1/12 scales) on your 3D printer!

I’ll update this page very often (once every few days) to keep you posted with the progress I’m making. I’ll list the update below in reverse chronological order. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do let me know in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Thank you


Click on the dates below to expand – follow me on Twitter for daily update @AnDuong_91


1. As promised, we are launching our 1/48 Starship model today (17/01/21). Please click on the button below to navigate to the STARSHIP – M1 model, where you can purchase either the STLs or 3D printed model from us.
2. If you purchase SLT files to print on your own, your printer need a minimum build volume of 189x189x190mm to print this model. 
3. I used Ultimaker printers (S5, S3 and 3 Extended) and Ultimaker PLA Silver Metallic to print this model. You can get the printers and materials from 3DGBIRE


It took me much longer than anticipated to verify all the design features and make sure every part of this model was printed as perfect as they possibly can. And I must say I’m super happy with the end results! I’ve built lots of model in the past few years and this one must be on top of the list in terms of quality and size.

From today, I’ll solely work on the print and build instructions. I promised you that the STLs will be published this week and I will make it happen!

I’ll be sharing a couple of short videos on my Twitter to show you the assembly process – please do follow me on Twitter to see them @AnDuong_91


All internal plumbing printed!

To maximise its potential use for education, I’ve decided to print all the plumbing in two colours to show the flow of CH4 and LOX within the Starship. Of course if you want to make them look realistic on your own model, you can print them in Silver.

All the pipes has magnets at their ends so you don’t have to glue them into the Starship. They can be completely removed and assemble with just a few steps. 

The LOX header tank and CH4 header tank are printed in two halves and held together by magnets

Finally, I’ve also added the Heat Shield Tiles as shown on the SN9. To see the Heat Shield, please check out the video I shared on my Twitter @AnDuong_91. LINK

STL will be published THIS WEEK!


I’ve installed 3 raptors on the model. Each raptor can move independently via its gimbal.

To see how they work, please check out the video I shared on my Twitter @AnDuong_91. LINK

STL will be published NEXT WEEK!



Finally, after hundreds of hours printing, my 1/48 3D printed Starship is fully stacked!!!

Trust me, photos can’t even describe how awesome this is.

Next, I’ll be printing all the plumbing for the Interior and attach the 3 Raptors to the Thrust Puck, and yes, they can moved independently via their gimbals 😍👍

Massive thank to Paul Croft and the team 3DGBIRE, CREATE Education Project for supporting me on this awesome project 😍🙏

STL will be published NEXT WEEK!


– Nose Cone Fairing & LOX Common Dome printed!
– Tesla Battery also printed
– Nose Cone and Thrust Dome are currently in WIP
To help you appreciate the size of this model, I’ve put a 1.5L Coke bottle next to it 🙂

– I’ve completed the initial design of the Starship at 1/48 scale. To maximise its potential use for STEM Education, I’ve decided to use magnets throughout the entire model to make almost every part removable. This will allow the model to be stripped down and re-built with ease. Also, by making all the main sections of the model interchangeable, I can easily keep updating the Starship model as the real one being developed by SpaceX

– I’m currently printing this model and make modifications where required to ensure that all the design features are correct and printable.  I stared a few days ago and I can’t believe how awesome it has turned out so far!!!. I’m expecting to have the 1st model fully printed & assembled by end of the weekend!
– As of today, these main parts have been printed: Forward Dome Section, CH4 Tank Section, CH4 Header Tank, Skirt Section, Upper Flaps (LH&RH), Retractable Legs. 
– Nose Cone Fairing and LOX Tank Section are being printed and will be completed by end of tomorrow
– Once the design is fully validated at 1/48 scale, I’ll release the STL of this model on my website so you can also print it yourself

– I’m also happy to announce that 3DGBIRE has agreed to sponsor me on this project. They will be printing the 1/12 scale Starship in the coming months!

New update on my SpaceX’s starship CAD Model
– I’ve added more details on the Exterior of the Starship including electrical wires, plumping, etc.
– Interior has now been completed, I’ve added all the pluming to show the flow of LOX and CH4 through out the spacecraft. I’ve also added the LOX Header Tank and Tesla Battery
– Retractable landing legs added
– Next step would be to add magnets to connected all the sections together

If everything goes well, I should be able to start printing the 1/48 scale model this weekend!

New update on my SpaceX’s starship CAD Model
– Exterior almost done, just need to add a few more small details
– Interior still has quite a lot to do, I need to add all the pipes, brackets, LOX header tank, etc.
– Retractable landing legs will then be added
– Next, I’ll need to figure out how to best connect all the sections together

Too much CAD work still required – it’s always hard to have to design everything from scratch, but I love it – at least I’ve managed to get the Raptors done (massive thank to Charles Lesher). Haha

Also, I’ve decided to print a 1/48 scale version first to validate all the design before committing to the massive 1/12 scale (and even at 1/48, the model is still over one meter tall! – MASSIVE!!!)

Below is the 3 raptors (1/12 scale) that I have successfully printed. They will be attached to the bottom of my Starship. As you can see – I made a very simple plate just to test the thrust vectoring gimbal mechanism and it looks great! 😍

The Raptor engine is a reusable methalox staged-combustion engine that powers the Starship launch system. Raptor engines began flight testing on the Starship prototype rockets in July 2019, becoming the first full-flow staged combustion rocket engine ever flown. Similar to jet engines, rocket engines are also very complex machines and I’ve always been fascinating with how they work. So I thought: “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I also 3D print a rocket engine and use it to teach children about how they differ from jet engines?”

So I reached out to Charles Lesher, whom is the original designer of this Raptor model and asked for his permission to let me further improve his design and turn it into an awesome educational model for STEM.

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below:

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1 year ago

How much silver filament did you use?

1 year ago

Really really cool design, details and everything. Like it

Eeick perez
Eeick perez
1 year ago

Amazing work im purchasing a both model and plans for one.i dont want to wait lol and second i want to make one 🙂 plus it helps out our genious friend here

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