Raptor Rocket Engine - Model 1 (Product ID: RAPTOR-M1)

What is this?

This is a 3D printed 1/8 scale model designed based on the SpaceX’s Raptor Rocket Engine!

The Raptor engine is a reusable methalox staged-combustion engine that powers the Starship launch system. Raptor engines began flight testing on the Starship prototype rockets in July 2019, becoming the first full-flow staged combustion rocket engine ever flown. Similar to jet engines, rocket engines are also very complex machines and I’ve always been fascinating with how they work. So I thought: “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I also 3D print a rocket engine and use it to teach children about how they differ from jet engines?”

So I reached out to Charles Lesher, whom is the original designer of this Raptor model and asked for his permission to let me further improve his design and turn it into an awesome educational model for STEM.

How can I purchase this model?

You can either (1) download the STL files and make it yourself on your 3D printer OR (2) order the 3D printed model directly from us. If you choose to order the 3D printed model, please note that the model will come un-assembled and you will have to fit the parts together yourself (we will pre-fit all the magnets so it will be extremely easy to assemble the model as no glue is required)

STL files: £50*
3D printed model: £260  

* LICENSE: The STL files of this model are property of MORE THAN 3D LIMITED.
Besides personal use, please DO NOT copy or share to a third party, or use for any other purposes (e.g. commercial) without the express written consent of MORE THAN 3D LIMITED. Thank you. 

Ready to order? 

Scale: 1/8
Overall dimensions: Nozzle Diameter (bottom): 162.5mm, Height (top of Engine Mount to bottom of Nozzle): 395mm
Manufacturing lead time: 1 week
Total number of 3D printed parts: 35

This model was designed using publicly available material from the internet including CAD models, videos and pictures of the real SpaceX’s Raptor engine. See list below for more details:

SpaceX’s Raptor Engine
The Raptor Engine was designed based on the existing SpaceX Raptor Rocket Engine model by Charles Lesher (see LINK). He has done a fantastic job modelling the Raptor engine so I used his model (with his permission) as reference and added my personal touches. I re-designed almost every part of the original model so they can be fitted together without having to use super glue. Instead, all parts are held together by magnets. This has allowed my model to be fully stripped down and rebuilt as many time as required. Only two small parts of the model need gluing together (the LOX Valve and LOX Distribution Valve)

Crossed Arms Man
I came across the Crossed Arms Man model, designed by mcramblet on GrabCAD (see LINK) and I think it would be a really nice touch to print this model at the right scale and put it next to the rocket engine. This would definitely help people (including myself) to understand the true scale of the real Raptor engine in reality (as many of us don’t have the luxury to see it with our own naked eyes)

Firstly, Charles has done a fantastic job modelling the Raptor engine – there’s no doubt about it. However, I found a couple of issues with his CAD model when I started to look deeper into the design (some geometries overlaps each other, some parts are fitted together but there’s no clearance between them, some parts are supposed to be symmetrical (I believe) but aren’t, etc.) so I decided to give his model a complete makeover 🙂

1, I scaled the design up to 1/8 instead of 1/11 – just because I want to make some small details easier to print on an FDM printer and also 1/8 scale is much more popular than 1/11

2, I modified every part of the original model so they can be printed either support-free or with very minimum support, hence, better surface finish.

3, I merged some parts together so the pieces are located more accurately (instead of gluing them into place by hand). Specifically, I merged the ‘Mounting Plate’ with the 2 ‘Gimbal Upper’ and the ‘Control Strut Collar’ with the 2 ‘Gimbal Lower’

4, I redesigned the LOX Turbopump from scratch to make it easier to print and also looks better

5, I modified how all the main components are fitted together – you can now fit magnets into them (the magnet I use is 5mm diameter x 3mm thick) and they’ll stick to each other without having to use glue. This makes the model really fun to assemble! (and disassemble)

6, I redesigned all the small pipes from scratch to make them look more realistic – as you know, all complex pipes are typically manufactured from straight pipes, they get bent at several locations and welded with other pieces (e.g. brackets, clips, fittings, etc.) to achieve the final desired shape. Therefore, when you look at a real pipe on any engine, it normally have several straight sections and several bends. I think Charles’s original design of the pipes are a little bit too ‘curvy’. In addition, because the pipes are so ‘curvy’, it’s very difficult to orientate them to get an optimum print on an FDM printer. That’s why I decided to re-designed them all – you can see on the new pipes that I designed, each one has at least a straight section to help alignment with the print bed.

7, I added magnets to both ends of every pipe (both small and large), so you can attach/detach them to/from the engine core.

8, I removed all the arrows from Charles’s pipes, just because they are not every visible, and also, because the new pipes are detachable, what you can do is simply print them in different colours to show the flow of LOX and CH4 around the core

9, I removed some of the small bolts from Charles’s design (e.g. the ones on the flange at the ends of each pipe) because I think they are too small to be printed on an FDM printer.

How to print this model by yourself?

If you have decided to purchase the STL files to make this model by yourself, please click on the button below for full print and assembly instructions. 
If you come across any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via sales@morethan3d.com 

How to assemble this model by yourself?

If you have decided to purchase the 3D printed model from us, please watch the video below for assembly instructions. 
If you come across any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via sales@morethan3d.com 


1, Does it work like a real rocket engine? No, it doesn’t
2, Can the model be stripped down to piece part level? Yes, all parts are held together by magnets
3, Does the model come in a cardboard box? Yes, the model is well packed. It comes in a box with foam/bubble wrap
4, Does the model come fully assembled or as a kit?  The model comes as a kit – it’s really easy to assemble. 

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Scot Taylor
Scot Taylor
1 year ago

what is the min size bed i could use to print this model?

Hatem Moussa
Hatem Moussa
1 year ago

I just bought a SpaceX raptor models, they are fantastic and the owner is very kind and responsive. I recommended this website if you want a good Starship or a Raptor and other 3D stuff.

Tyler Hickenbotham
Tyler Hickenbotham
1 year ago

Ordered my model and the day I ordered they started to print the model. They were clear on shipping time and managed to ship on time too. Item arrived when promised and is of very high quality. Little to no complaints from a aestetic standpoint. Looks beautiful and and is the pride of my collection. I would recommend 100% if you can afford it. The models are highly priced but high quality.

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