No Handshake Badge by An Duong - Let's fight Covid-19 together!

What is this?

This is a 3D printed No HandShake Badge that I designed as part of my ‘Fight Covid-19 with An Duong‘ package

Since many organisations have already implemented the ‘no handshake policy’ to prevent the spread of coronavirus, I’ve designed a ‘No HandShake Badge’, which can be easily 3D-printed in less than an hour – and it actually looks pretty cool on my shirt! (Its outer diameter is 30mm so you can wear it with ease!)

If you want to wear this same badge to let people know that you are totally cool with not shaking hands at the minute (to protect yourself and others), please feel free to download the STL file (see link below) and make them for yourself, your friends & families.

How to make this No HandShake Badge?

Unfortunately you’ll need to use a dual-extrusion printer to make this badge. If you, by any chance, find out how to make this on a single-extrusion printer, please do let me know!.
OK, let me take you through how I made this badge using my Ultimaker S5 printer step by step:

STEP 0: Download the STL via this LINKOpen your slicer software (I use Cura from Ultimaker), then set Nozzle sizes and material for both Nozzles 
STEP 1: Load ‘Left Hand.stl’ and assign this part to Nozzle #1
STEP 2: Load ‘Right Hand.stl’ and assign this part to Nozzle #2
STEP 3: Hold down Shift to select both parts, then right click and select ‘Merge Models’ – now you should see both parts are aligned together correctly!
STEP 4: Click ‘Slice’ to generate g-code and print this file on your printer. You can use a prime tower to help prepare the nozzle before printing the next layer – it reduces oozing, under extrusion and enhances overall printing quality
STEP 5 -> STEP 8: Repeat the same process above but for ‘Bottom Base.stl’ and ‘Top Base.stl’

Once you finish printing, you should have a circular base and the two hands. Simply press fit the hands into the circular base – no glue is needed!
Finally, to wear this badge on your shirt, I use two Neodymium magnets 10mm dia x 2mm thick (you can purchase the magnets via this LINK). I glued one magnet to the back of the badge using super glue and then simply put the other magnet under my shirt. 

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below:

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