JET - S2

(Product ID: JET-S2)

What is this?

This is a 3D printed Jet Engine Model – Small Size – Design #2 (Product ID: JET-S2). Upgraded from the JET-S1, the new design features a much stable, slicker-looking stand which not only allows the engine to be rotated 360 degrees around the y-axis, but also fully detachable if needed.

A jet engine is a magnificent machine that burns energy-rich, liquid fuel and release hot exhaust gas to generate an extremely powerful pushing force called thrust. The thrust pushes a plane forward and take you to your desired destinations across the Globe.

How can I purchase this model?

You can order the 3D printed model directly from us. 

STL files: Not available for this model
3D printed models: £70

Ready to order? 

Overall dimensions: Length: 123mm, Height: 87mm, Width (or Fan Case Diameter): 78mm
Weight: Approx. 0.25kg
Manufacturing lead time: 1-2 days
Total number of components: 8 (see break down below)
Total number of 3D printed parts: 6
Total number of bought-in parts: 2 (bearings)
Material used: PLA


1, Does the Fan spin? Yes, it does
2, Can I take the Engine off the Stand? Yes
3, Can I spin the Fan manually? Yes
4, Can the Fan be driven by a motor? No, the motor option is only available on the large or medium sized models  
5, Does the model has any internal components? No, it doesn’t. Only the Large Size models have internal components
6, Can the model be stripped down? No
7, Does it work like a real jet engine? No, this is only an educational model so please don’t put it on your RC airplane 🙂

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