Jet Engine Model - Medium Size - Premium Version (Product ID: JET-MP)

What is this?

This is a 3D printed Jet Engine Model – Medium Size – Premium Version (Product ID: JET-MP)

A jet engine is a magnificent machine that burns energy-rich, liquid fuel and release hot exhaust gas to generate an extremely powerful pushing force called thrust. The thrust pushes a plane forward and take you to your desired destinations across the Globe

If you are searching for a prestigious award/trophy for your important events/conference, then this premium model would be THE one. Why? First of all, the JET-MP model has ALL the fantastic features you can have on the JET-M1 (See JET-M1). However, in addition to that, this new model also comes with:
– A top-quality display case, including a stunning 20mm thick glossy black acrylic base 
– A metallic-looking laser engraved plaque (fully customisable – just add your logo/text)
– A hidden motor (located inside the Exhast Nozzle) which spins the Fan in the front of the Jet Engine. This, in essence, turns the model into a super cool ‘dynamic’ award instead of the traditional, boring trophies that you typically get from a gift shop 

Ready to order?

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions: Length: 321mm, Height: 175mm, Width (or Fan Case Diameter): 156mm
Weight: Approx.
3kg (including the display case)
Manufacturing lead time: 1-2 weeks
Total number of components: 12 (see break down below)
Total number of 3D printed parts: 8
Total number of bought-in parts (exclude magnets): 4 
Material used: PLA

What can this model be used for?

With its excellent quality and finish, this model should be used as an award/trophy for your prestigious event/conference


1, Does the Fan spin? Yes, it does
2, Can I take the Engine off the Stand? Yes
3, Can I spin the Fan manually? Yes 
4, Can the Fan be driven by a motor? Yes
5, What is the motor rpm? 10 rpm
6, Can the motor be removed when not in use? Yes, the motor is fully detachable when not in use
7, Does the model has any internal components? No, it doesn’t. Only the Large Size models have internal components
8, Can the model be stripped down? Yes, except the Fan and the Fan Shaft (these two parts are glued together).
9, Does it work like a real jet engine? No, this is only an educational model so please don’t put it on your RC airplane 🙂

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