Jet Engine Model - Medium Size - with Nacelle (Product ID: JET-MN)

What is this?

This is a 3D printed Jet Engine Model – Medium Size – Fitted with Nacelle (Product ID: JET-MN)

A jet engine is a magnificent machine that burns energy-rich, liquid fuel and release hot exhaust gas to generate an extremely powerful pushing force called thrust. The thrust pushes a plane forward and take you to your desired destinations across the Globe

To support my STEM activities and help explain to young students how a Jet Engine works, I have designed a number of 3D printed Jet Engine Models. The problem is: most of my models feature a bare jet engine – which makes it a little bit challenging for most people to recognise what it is at the first glance (unless they work at the airport or for an Aero engine manufacturer). So I thought: “hey, why not design one with the Nacelle fitted?”
* A Nacelle is a housing, separate from the fuselage, that holds the engines, fuel, or equipment on an aircraft [Wikipedia] – scroll down to learn more about the Nacelle.
Soon after I introduced the 3D printed Jet Engine Model – Medium Size – Design #1 (JET-M1), I decided to upgrade this model by designing the Nacelle for it. 

So, what’s special about this model? All the Nacelle Major Units (Air Intake, Fan Cowl, Thrust Reverser, and Exhaust System) are designed, 3D printed and held together using just magnets (no fasteners required) and can be completely removed – meaning this model can be easily transformed back into the JET-M1 model in just seconds! In addition, the Thrust Reversers can actually slide back and forth, revealing the Cascades underneath.

Ready to order?

Technical Specifications (Standard*)

Overall dimensions: Length: 349mm, Height: 180mm, Width (or Fan Case Diameter): 174mm
Weight: Approx. 2kg
Manufacturing lead time: 2-3 weeks
Total number of components: 39 (see break down below)
Total number of 3D printed parts: 31
Total number of bought-in parts (exclude magnets): 8
Material used: PLA
* This model also comes with three optional upgrades:
– Glossy black A3 size acrylic base (10mm thick)
– Additional Stand (to be used with the bare Jet Engine after the Nacelle is removed)
– Motor (to drive the Fan)

What can this model be used for?

The 3D printed Jet Engine model fitted with Nacelle JET-MN is an excellent STEM kit because:
– It helps capture attention of young students instantly and engage with them more effectively.
– It helps the students better and quicker understand how a Jet Engine works in simple terms, and also how the Nacelle works by being able to explore a physical model and interact with it (rather than looking at pictures or CAD model of an engine via an App on phones or tablets). 
– The model is made by 3D printing, hence, it helps spark interesting conversations with the students about how technologies (such as additive manufacturing) are revolutionising the Engineering Industry today and how they can learn the skills that would benefit their careers in STEM in the near future. 
– Finally, with its small size, as well as excellent quality and finish, this model can also be used as an award, trophy, gift or simply a super cool item in your personal aerospace collection!

What does the Nacelle do?

1, The Nacelle determines the air needed for the engine to operate.
2, The shape of the Nacelle helps reduce fuel burn.
3, The Nacelle’s acoustic treatment contribute to the engine noise reduction.
4, The Nacelle stands up to extreme temperatures to protect the engine & airplane.
5, The Nacelle also helps take up loads between the engine and its mounting pylon, especially when the Thrust Reverser is activated.
6, The Nacelle calibrates airflow at inlet and outlet to ensure maximum propulsive efficiency.
7, The Thrust Reverser in the Nacelle helps reduce braking distance by 20 to 50%

The Nacelle comprises of some major units including:
Air Intake: Channels the airflow coming into the engine
Fan Cowl: Protect the engine and its accessories
Thrust Reverser: Redirects the bypass airflow towards the front of the engine to help brake the plane
Exhaust System: Comprising the Exhaust Nozzle and Tail Cone, it channels the hot gases exiting the engine


1, Does the Fan spin? Yes, it does
2, Can I take the Engine off the Stand? Yes
3, Can I spin the Fan manually? Yes – but only when the motor is removed
4, Can the Fan be driven by a motor? Yes, the motor is an optional upgrade
5, What is the motor rpm? 10 rpm as standard but can be swapped for a slower or faster motor
6, Can the motor be removed when not in use? Yes, the motor is hidden inside the Exhaust Nozzle and can be removed easily
7, Does the model has any internal components? No, it doesn’t. Only the Large Size models have internal components
8, Can the model be stripped down? Yes, except the Fan and the Fan Shaft (these two parts are glued together)
9, Does it work like a real jet engine? No, this is only an educational model so please don’t put it on your RC airplane 🙂

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