Jet Engine Model - Medium Size - Design #2 (Product ID: JET-M2)

What is this?

This is a 3D printed Jet Engine Model – Medium Size – Design #2 (Product ID: JET-M2)

A jet engine is a magnificent machine that burns energy-rich, liquid fuel and release hot exhaust gas to generate an extremely powerful pushing force called thrust. The thrust pushes a plane forward and take you to your desired destinations across the Globe

In 2018, to support my STEM activities and help explain to young students how a Jet Engine works, I decided to give myself a project: “Design and Make a 3D printed Jet Engine Model“. The project took me over 6 months to complete (as I did it entirely in my spare time after work).

As the final model being really big and complex (See 3D printed Jet Engine model EXTREME Version or BLACK EDITION), there is a need for a smaller and simpler model that can be transported with ease and also given away at STEM events as prizes. 

A few months after I introduced the first design of this model (See JET-M1), I was approached by many people with the same question: “Can you design this engine model to be stripped down into modules?”. I wasn’t really keen on doing that until one day, I saw a super cool robot – e.Do!. The e.Do robot is an excellent STEM kit, which can be easily programmed through an app to pick and place lightweight items. I immediately thought: “hey, isn’t it really cool if I can program this robot to build a Jet Engine?”. So, I decided to redesign my medium size Jet Engine model again. Externally, this new model JET-M2 looks exactly the same as the JET-M1, however, as the casing is no longer printed as one single piece, meaning that you can actually split the engine into modules (e.g. Fan, Intermediate Case, HP System, IP Turbine, LP Turbine/Tail Bearing Housing, and Exhaust Nozzle). Each module is attached to each other using magnets, hence, the engine can be stripped down and assembled within seconds!

Ready to order?

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions: Length: 321mm, Height: 175mm, Width (or Fan Case Diameter): 156mm
Weight: Approx.
Manufacturing lead time: 1-2 weeks
Total number of components: 10 (see break down below)
Total number of 3D printed parts: 8
Total number of bought-in parts (exclude magnets): 2 
Material used: PLA

* Clear display case in the photo is for illustration purpose only. We don’t supply this item.

What can this model be used for?

The 3D printed Jet Engine model JET-M2 is an excellent STEM model because:
– It helps capture attention of young students instantly and engage with them more effectively. 
– It helps the students better and quicker understand how a Jet Engine works in simple terms by being able to explore a physical model and interact with it (rather than looking at pictures or CAD model of an engine via an App on phones or tablets). 
– The model is made by 3D printing, hence, it helps spark interesting conversations with the students about how technologies (such as additive manufacturing) are revolutionising the Engineering Industry today and how they can learn the skills that would benefit their careers in STEM in the near future. 
– Finally, with its small size, as well as excellent quality and finish, this model can also be used as an award, trophy, gift or simply a super cool item in your personal aerospace collection!


1, Does the Fan spin? Yes, it does
2, Can I take the Engine off the Stand? Yes
3, Can I spin the Fan manually? Yes 
4, Can the Fan be driven by a motor? No, the motor is only available on the JET-M1
5, What is the motor rpm? N/A – See question 4
6, Can the motor be removed when not in use? N/A – See question 4
7, Does the model has any internal components? No, it doesn’t. Only the Large Size models have internal components
8, Can the model be stripped down? Yes, this model can be stripped down to piece part level.
9, Does it work like a real jet engine? No, this is only an educational model so please don’t put it on your RC airplane 🙂

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