Ear Savers by An Duong - Let's fight Covid-19 together!

What is this?

This is the 3D printed Ear Savers that I re-designed* as part of my ‘Fight Covid-19 with An Duong‘ package
* The original design was uploaded on Thingiverse by Cobalt_Prime (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4263455)

If you are not familiar, ear savers are the things that instead of hooking the elastic of a surgical mask to the ears, causing pain and irritation over the course of a long shift, one instead hooks to the prongs of the ear saver, hence release pressure off your ears.

Since the original design only allows you to print a handful of there ear savers on your printer in one print (depends on how many you can squeeze on your build plate), I wanted to find another way to produce a lot more of these in one single print to increase productivity (so I don’t have to load new print way too often). As a result, I came up with a way to print hundreds of these ear savers in stack. If you want to try, please feel free to download the STL file (see link below) and make them for yourself, your friends & families.

How to print the Ear Savers in stack?

Unfortunately you’ll need to use a dual-extrusion printer for this method. And you also need to use Ultimaker Breakaway material – otherwise, it may not work!.
OK, let me take you through how I printed a stack of 100 Ear Savers in one single print using my Ultimaker S5 printer step by step:

STEP 0: Download the STL via this LINKOpen your slicer software (I use Cura from Ultimaker), then set Nozzle sizes and material for both Nozzles 
STEP 1: Load ‘Ear Savers x50 (Bottom).stl’ and assign this part to Nozzle #1
STEP 2: Load ‘Ear Savers x50 (Top).stl’ and assign this part to Nozzle #2
STEP 3: Hold down Shift to select both parts, then right click and select ‘Merge Models’ – you should see the parts are merged together correctly!
STEP 4: Move your stack to your preferred position on your build plate and click ‘Slice’ to generate g-code and print this file on your printer. You can use a prime tower to help prepare the nozzle before printing the next layer – it reduces oozing, under extrusion and enhances overall printing quality

Once you finish printing, you should have a stack of 100 Ear Savers. Whenever you need one, just peel off the first one on top (see video below).

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below:

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