Crew Dragon Spacecraft - Model S (Product ID: DRAGON-MS)

What is this?

This is a 3D printed scale model designed based on the SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft – which was used in the Demo-2 mission!

Background: SpaceX has become the first private company to launch human beings into orbit, after its Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon spacecraft – carrying two NASA astronauts – successfully blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Saturday the 30th May 2020. On the following day (Sunday the 31st May 2020), SpaceX’s new Crew Dragon spacecraft successfully docked with the International Space Station (ISS), marking another major milestone for SpaceX’s first crewed mission of the Crew Dragon!

Inspired by the successful launch of the new SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft, I decided to make this 3D printed model, which can be used not only to inspire more children to become astronauts in the future, but also to pursue STEM careers when they grow up.

How can I purchase this model?

You can either (1) download the STL files and make it yourself on your 3D printer OR (2) order the 3D printed model directly from us. If you choose to order the 3D printed model, you can also decide whether you want to receive it fully assembled or as a kit (so you can assemble the model yourself)

Please note: there are two versions of this model:

1) Crew Dragon Spacecraft – Model 3 (DRAGON-M3)
STL files: FREE to download (click on this LINK to download STLs)
3D printed model: We don’t supply 3D printed model of this version

2) Crew Dragon Spacecraft – Model S (DRAGON-MS)
STL files: £40
3D printed model: £260 (shipping and display case not included*)
* Due to Covid-19, we are currently experiencing a global shortage of acrylic sheets. Therefore, the display case is currently unavailable to order with the model at the moment. We are very sorry for this. If you wish to source your own display case, the one used in the photos is 330(L)x200(H)x200(D) mm. 

Ready to order? 

The DRAGON-MS model has a ton of additional/upgrade features that aren’t available on the DRAGON-M3 model, which are:

– A soft capture system (designed based on the NASA docking system – which was used on the real SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft) 
– A removable entry hatch
– A removable outer body (to reveal interior of the spacecraft)
– Full interior including 4 seats and a “giant” monitor (based on the interior of the Crew Dragon Capsule)
– 4 fully adjustable seats (incline/recline and spin around the x-axis)
– Removable main hatch (on the ceiling)
– Better Trunk design
– Secret compartment in the Trunk
– Upgraded windows
– Super cool Stand to hold the model horizontally (as illustrated in the photos)
– All main parts are re-designed (e.g. heat shield, body panel, ceiling, floor, thruster) so they can be fitted together without having to use super glue.

Scale: 1/27
Overall dimensions: Trunk Diameter (without fins): 130mm, Height (top of Nose Cone to bottom of the Trunk): 290mm
Manufacturing lead time: 1 week
Total number of 3D printed parts: 62
Material used: Ultimaker PLA
3D printer: Ultimaker S5.

This model was designed using publicly available material from the internet including CAD models, videos and pictures of the real SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft. See list below for more details:

Pressurised Crew Section
The pressurised crew section was designed based on the existing Draco Pod model by Prot0typ1cal (see LINK). He has done a fantastic job modelling the outer body of the spacecraft so I used his model (with his permission) as reference and added my personal touches. I re-designed almost every part of the original model so they can be fitted together without having to use super glue. Instead, most parts are held together either by magnets or just friction between them. This has allowed my model to be fully stripped down and rebuilt as many time as required. Only a very small number of parts are glued together (e.g. the Monitor and Monitor Stand)

Astronauts in SpaceX ‘s Suit
I came across the SpaceX Astronant model, designed by Gil P. de Paulo on GrabCAD (see LINK) and I think it would be a really nice touch to print this model at the right scale and put it next to the spacecraft model. This would definitely help people (including myself) to understand the true scale of the real SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft in reality (as many of us don’t have the luxury to see it with our own naked eyes)

I wanted to add some interior to this model as well, rather than just the outer body, therefore, I decided to give it a go. The interior of the model comprises of a ‘giant’ monitor, which is fixed to the ‘floor’ via a stand. On the real spacecraft, the monitor is actually mounted to the ceiling. However, as I wanted to show this feature once the outer body panel is removed, I decided to fix it to the ‘floor’ instead of the ceiling.
There are 4 seats in total in this model, each seat can be adjusted separately (incline/recline and spin around the x-axis) as I tried to replicate their movement as per the real ones (e.g. the seats are lowered and facing the entry hatch when the spacecraft is on the ground to help astronauts get in/out with ease. Before lift-off, these seats are tilted backward and also raised upwards closer to the monitor).
I came across a racing seat design on GrabCAD by Badulescu Stefan (see LINK) a while ago and since it looks really nice, I decided to adopt his design for this model.

Unpressurised Cargo Section (aka. Trunk)
I designed the Trunk (unpressurised cargo section) from scratch based on the photos/videos of the spacecraft available on the SpaceX’s website (see LINK). I tried to replicate the exterior of the Trunk as much as I can, including the number of radiators, solar panels and their locations around the Trunk. I also added my personal touch by designing a secret compartment hidden inside the Trunk. From the outside, the Trunk looks like it was printed as a solid block – however, if you spin the bottom of the Trunk slightly to disengage its simple locking mechanism, the bottom part of the Trunk will slide out very smoothly, revealing its secret compartment – where you can keep some of your precious treasure inside. The other way to open the Trunk is to use the magnets on the bottom of the Heat Shield of the Pressurised Crew Section (for more detail – see assembly instructions below)

How to print and assemble this model by yourself?

If you have decided to purchase the STL files to make this model by yourself, please click on the button below for full print and assembly instructions. 
If you come across any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via sales@morethan3d.com 

How to safely unbox this model by yourself?

If you have decided to purchase the 3D printed model from us, please click on the button below for full unboxing and assembly instructions. 
If you come across any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via sales@morethan3d.com 


1, Does it fly? No, it doesn’t
2, Can the model be stripped down to piece part level? Yes, very few parts are glue together on this model. Most of them are held together by magnets
3, Does the model come in a cardboard box? Yes, the model is well packed. It comes in a box with foam/bubble wrap
4, Does the model come fully assembled or as a kit?  The model comes fully assembled but if you prefer to build it yourself, please let us know and we’ll send you a kit instead. Cost will be the same as the model is really easy to assemble. 
5, Does the model come with the stickers? No, but you can purchase the sticker for this model directly from Craig McNab via craig.mcnab@fuel4.net or contact his team at www.fuel4.net; www.facebook.com/Fuel4.net or Instagram – @Fuel4_London.

Photo credit: SuperKungFu

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Patrick Keller
Patrick Keller
3 days ago

I would absolutely love the build able version of this the STEM kit. If you could get back to me, I’d be very appreciative.

Jamie G
Jamie G
1 month ago

Incredible quality product & amazing customer service!

The Crew Dragon Model-S I received from Morethan3d is of the highest quality & made with such an impressive amount of craftsmanship and care. It’s very evident that every single fiber of this product was thoroughly considered right down to the most minute of details. The entire purchase process with the seller was such a pleasure. International shipping was incredibly quick & it arrived in perfect condition.
I’m so proud to now have this model in my collection. I can’t wait to show it off and, as a STEM educator, utilize it in the classroom to help inspire the next generation of space explorers!

Jerrid Kenney
Jerrid Kenney
2 months ago

This Product was By Far the BEST 3D Printed Item I’ve ever seen and purchased. I can’t say enough about how detailed and perfect this item is. The customer service was Outstanding and I will share my experience and satisfaction with this overall experience with everyone I can! Highly recommend this seller and item!!!

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