DRAGON - MJ (Interior Lighting)

Crew Dragon Spacecraft - Model J (Interior Lighting Upgrade)

How to install the interior lighting into the DRAGON-MJ model?

In this tutorial, I’ll explain how you can set up & install the interior lighting upgrade into your DRAGON-MJ model!
Before we start, you need to purchase these items:
– 1x LED light (I recommend the 3mm 12V DC White LED – you can purchase this via Amazon: LINK)
– 4x 5mm Dia 3mm thick magnet (again, you can get these from Amazon: LINK)
– 1x 12v battery (size: MN21). (You can easily get this from Amazon: LINK)

Now, let’s set up the interior lighting unit by following these simple steps:

STEP 0: Ensure that you have everything required (see photo below)
STEP 1: Solder a 5mm Dia magnet to each end of the LED (if you don’t have a solder kit, you can also use duct tape or super glue for this step). Having said that, I strongly recommend soldering to ensure you have a solid joint and good connectivity 

STEP 2: Take 1x 5mm Dia magnet and push it into the top hole of the 3D printed housing (warning: this magnet must attract the one you will install inside the Body of the Capsule at STEP 4 below! Read STEP 4 to understand how this magnet should help position and hold the Interior Lighting Module in place)
Next, take 2x 5mm Dia magnets and push them into the bottom hole.
Finally, slide the battery through the big hole and position it at the centre of the 3D printed housing.
Note: the 2 magnets in the bottom hole should be pushed all the way in until the inner magnet touches the battery. These 2 magnets serve two purposes: (1) the inner one locks the battery in place so it won’t move freely and (2) the outer one positions the LED light so it is pointing in the correct direction.

STEP 3: Connect the LED light to the battery. Note that the BLACK wire should be connected to the negative end and the RED wire should be connected to the positive end. Carefully bend the LED light as illustrated in the photos below. Note that the light should be pointing down and slightly towards the rear of the 3D printed housing.
Finally, tuck the wires into the slots on both sides of the 3D printed housing to tidy it up.
This is the fully assembled Interior Lighting Module!

STEP 4: Remove the Body of the Capsule and fit 1x 5mm Dia magnet to the position highlighted in the photo below (this magnet helps position and keep the Interior Lighting Module in place), then slide the Interior Lighting Module all the way in. 
Note: if correctly installed, the magnet on the top hole of the 3D printed housing that you previously fitted at STEP 2 should align and touches the magnet you just fitted inside the body of the Capsule at this STEP 4, meaning the Interior Lighting Module should not freely rotate or fall off.

STEP 5: Re-assemble the Body to the Capsule.
Note: If the interior lighting was installed correctly, the LED light should be pointing towards the cabin – where the seats are. 

STEP 6: If you want to turn off the LED light, simply disconnect one end of the LED from the battery

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